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 Mykola "Gear" Winterbourne

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PostSubject: Mykola "Gear" Winterbourne   Thu Jul 01, 2010 7:13 pm

Name: Mykola Winterbourne

Sex: M

Age: 28

Weapons: Gear is a rounder he has a variety of weapons. his main is the BR55HB SR or Battle Rifle. He carries a shotgun and a Rocket launcher.

Equipment: Cloaking kit. Wall breachs. Mines. Frags.

Skills: His abilities of this man is that he is a explosive expert from ranging to humans and covenant devices.

Abilities: N/A

Strengths: Gear can dish out a lot of damage to the enemy, he can spot enemies from a distance

Weakness: He cant take that much because he forfiets heavy armor for higher ammo capicty and movement


History: Gear was a Harvest native. Both of his parents served in the Civil War but they were killed due to the insergents new tire bomb. He was left alone no other family. He became strongly independent. Now he serves in the Military. He mostly has been working on explosives ever since he joined making him a expert at them. Once he finished he was pushed into the front line. He bonded with his squad but still independent from the Command structure. He quickly made it through the ranks and made it to Sergant at the age of 20.
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Mykola "Gear" Winterbourne
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