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The Covenant Empire, also known as The Covenant, was a religious hegemony of multiple alien species that controlled a large portion of the Orion Arm in the Milky Way galaxy.
They were a combined force of alien races, and acted as the main antagonists in the Halo universe. More specifically, the Covenant's government system was a hierarchical theocratic oligarchy, underlain with a caste system, ruled by a High Council. They waged a genocidal campaign against Humanity until they were defeated due to many factors, the most crucial of which was an internal conflict. While the Covenant was dealt a series of catastrophic blows in quick succession, with most of their leadership either lost during the Flood infection of High Charity or during the Battle of Installation 00, it still continues to exist in at least some form.[2] In exactly what capacity it continues to operate in remains unknown.
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The name "Covenant" was taken from the binding pact that forged peace between the Sangheili (Elites) and San 'Shyuum (Prophets). The two species allied with each other after a long war with millions of casualties. The Sangheili-San 'Shyuum war, which devastated the two species for generations, was fought over Forerunner artifacts on the Sangheili home world, Sanghelios, with the Sangheili wishing to preserve them, and the San 'Shyuum wishing to use the artifacts. The Sangheili held a distinct tactical upper hand, as their militaristic society was ready for a war, and their warriors were among the best in the galaxy, but the San-'Shyuum had one massive advantage; an immensely powerful Forerunner warship, known as the Dreadnought. After the San 'Shyuum decided to use the Dreadnought against the Sangheili, the San 'Shyuum destroyed the Sangheili forces. The Sangheili, realizing their peril, had their warrior priests dissect Forerunner technology to strengthen their ships. Eventually they realized there was no need to fight as the main point of the conflict was now moot. When the Prophets found evidence of the Forerunners and their "Great Journey", they told the Elites of their discovery and promised to find the means of the Forerunner's transcendence. The Prophets would share this knowledge with the Elites who in turn would protect the Prophets from harm as they searched for transcendent Forerunner artifacts to activate all the Halo Installations. These ideas would be put into the Covenant's founding document, the Writ of Union. At first, the Covenant was only a loose non-aggression pact of two races held together by a common need to avoid mutually assured destruction. But, as their society advanced, so did their technology, culture, and religion. By the time of the Battle of Reach, the Covenant controlled a large part of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. They discovered and conquered various races. Their society had evolved into a complicated caste system, with the Prophets governing the Covenant, and the Elites put in charge of the military. The Covenant was a theocracy, based on prophecies about the Halos and The Great Journey. The primary belief of the Covenant was that activation of the Halos would allow them passage into the "Divine Beyond", where they might join the Forerunners as gods, while those who did not believe in the Great Journey would be left behind to die by the power of the Halo Rings.
[edit]The Government
The Covenant is governed by the High Council, which is led by a trio of Prophets known as the Hierarchs, and consists of lesser Prophets, Legates, and very high ranking Elites, which are known as Councilors. However, near the start of the Covenant Civil War, the Prophets began to replace the Elites with Brutes in various positions within Covenant society, including the protection of the Hierarchs and command of the Covenant Fleets. The Prophets of Truth and Mercy used the Prophet of Regret's assassination at the hands of Master Chief as an excuse to replace the Elite guard with Brutes. The Prophets then secretly ordered the Brutes to commit genocide against the Elites, thus leading to the beginning of the civil war.
In addition to the High Council, there are three other Councils: the Council of Concordance, the Council of Deed and Doctrine and the Council of Masters.
Numerous Ministries exist within the Covenant government as well, each of which possesses a single role.
The Covenant Government suffered a blow in November 2552 after the Battle of Installation 05. The Covenant split into 2 different fractions, the Separatists led by Thel 'Vadam and the Loyalists that continued to follow the Prophets led solely by the Prophet of Truth after the deaths of the Prophets of Mercy and Regret and practically all Prophets on High Charity who were assimiliated by the Flood.
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