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Welcome members, we have just started the site and there are plenty of open spots so be sure to get one, also plz post a bio - Thanks, Admins

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 Benawi "Nawi" Jones

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PostSubject: Benawi "Nawi" Jones   Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:35 pm

Yay for more insight on Sev's going to be squad. =D
I might do one or two more Bio's later on. =P


Name: Benawi Jones

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Corps: Marine

Age: 23

-M6D Pistol
-M392 DMR
-SRS99 Sniper Rifle
-Extendable Voulge, when not extended it is able to be used like a knife.

-HE Grenades
-Frag Grenades
-Flash Grenades
-Smoke Grenades

-M6D Pistol Mastery
-Knife Mastery
-Sniper Rifle Mastery
-Spear/PoleArm/Voulge Mastery
-SMG Proficiency

Personality: A more serious person then Sev, Benawi does objectives slowly. Highly trained as a sniper, from birth. Benawi is the opposite of Sev, more serious, does things slowly. Wears a mask like Sev, due to the history of the Dance Crew, but not as secretive as him.

History: Humanity once sent a colony ship out into space. It was quickly forgotten when communications was lost, the ship landed on a planet, the planet's terrain was much like Africa's. Unfortunately, the Planet belonged to the Covenant. A large war began from the humans and the small garrison force. Benawi, the child of a Japanese woman and an English man, about halfway into the war, was pressed into service as a sniper at the age of 9. He was quite successful, at the age of 13 he was taught an ancient PoleArm fighting Style. Eventually, humanity won the battle, repaired their ship, and on their way to Reach, was intercepted by UNSC Patrol forces. The UNSC Patrols realized they were a lost colony ship, and allowed them to be citizens of Reach. At the age of 14, he met Sev and joined his dance crew. Later on, Benawi joined the Reach Counter Terrorist force as a Specialist Sniper, while Sev continued to be a career dancer. Both Sev and Benawi were drafted then the war broke out. Benawi was assigned to a different company then Sev, they both met up again at the Retaking of Harvest. The rest of Benawi's squad was folded into Sev's due to casualties to both squads. They then became inseparable.

He looks more Asian then English, although some English features can be seen. He is skinnier then Sev by a tad bit, but just as muscular. He has short black hair and dark brown eyes.
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Benawi "Nawi" Jones
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